Scores and Recaps 10/12/2014

5/6 Year Old Black Tigers 
Longwood 63, Northport 7
The scoreline says it all as this weeks away game brought back painful memories of the previous game for Tigers fans.  Northport opened on defense and a well organized attack from Longwood executed several running plays without resistance to hammer in 6 consecutive touchdowns.  A fumble behind the line of scrimmage thankfully broke the momentum and the 1st tackler were finally made by Robert Murray and Jared Shaffer on the final play but when the smoke cleared the coaches and fans scratched their heads in amazement, for it was truly a repeat oft heir performance from last Sunday; the tigers were simply not stepping up to make tackles. Behind by 42 points, Northport needed to come out strong but blocking was unfortunately slow to develop and the Longwood defense took advantage, stopping several runs by John Muzyka, Ethan Roman and Jared Schaffer.  The tigers gave the ball back to Longwood without a score.  The coaches mustered their team at half-time with words of encouragement and the tiger defense did improve in the 2nd half with tackles by LJ Drones, Jared Schaffer  and John Muzyka but the Longwood offense pulled in 3 more touchdowns and the ball went back to Northport for a final rally. An improved offense ran hard down field, as the line woke up opened avenues for Jared Schaffer and Rob Murray and alas John Muzyka ran in a quarter back option for 7.  Its back to the drawing board again for the Tigers, where blocking and tackling will be the focus of the next weeks training they prepare to host Patchogue-Medford on Sunday.   

5/6 Year Old Red Tigers
Lindenhurst 35, Northport 21
Northport 5/6 Red lost a tough game to Lindenhurst. Northport started out on offense and moved the ball effectively behind great blocking on the offensive line which was led by center Billy Henderson and lineman Jack Ferland, Luciano Kyroneris, Thomas Zarcone, Nicky Lang, Daniel Buysse, Tristan Pulino and Colin Tuthill. Quarterback Peyton Hamada and running backs Ashton Presti  and Joey Petrucelly were able to put together an impressive opening drive. Northport capped off their opening possession with a 5 yard touchdown run by Joey Petrucelly. Northport started the second qtr on defense. The Northport defense matched up well with the Lindenhurst offense, however allowed 3 touchdowns in the 2nd quarter.  At halftime, Northport trailed 21-7. The start of the third qtr had Northport back on offense. Just as on their first offensive possession, the offensive line controlled the line of scrimmage and Northport moved the ball effectively. Northport was led by the running of Ashton Presti, Jack Ferland, Thomas Zarcone, Luciano Kyroneris, Joey Petrucelly and Peyton Hamada.  Northport scored two touchdowns during the quarter – first an impressive 40 yard touchdown run by Joey Petrucelly as a result of a key block by Payton Hamada and Daniel Buysse, then a goal line score by Jack Ferland, his first of the season,  behind the upfront blocking of Billy Henderson and  the offensive line.  Northport started the fourth quarter back on defense. The Northport defense put up big stops led by impressive tackling from Thomas Zarcone, Peyton Hamada, Daniel Buysse and Ashton Presti. The entire defensive line of Nicky Lang, Tristan Paulino, Luciano Kryoneris, Billy Henderson, Jack Ferland and Colin Tuthill all contributed to a solid 2H defensive play. The Northport defensive  did a nice job overall and the team continues to make positive strides as a collective unit. The team has a “bye” this coming week.

7 Year Old Red Tigers 
Northport 20, Commack 7
7 Red managed to put back to back wins together with a win this week as they wore their game faces to Northport Varsity's home field and beat Commack 20-7.  It brings their record to 2 wins and 3 losses and brightens their hopes of a winning season with 3 games remaining. Nick Spinner broke a 65 yard run for the first TD, benefiting every Northport inspirit , securing a long outstanding  score energizing rallying parents.  William Cocks was awarded the FRYING PAN for his aggressive defensive play at middle line backer. Quinn Gallagher  won the Player of the Week medal as he threatened Commack's offense all day from right defensive end.  At left defensive end Joey Zarcone also came up big forcing the sweeps to his side back to the middle where the ball carrier was  met continuously with gang tackles by the tenacious defenders. Tommy O'Brien continued to impress at QB as he scrambled and ran over the defense with the dexterity of a lizard.  O'Brien had 83 yards, a TD as well as 4 tackles at outside linebacker on the day. Thomas Franco and Bryan Florio  fired out to make their blocks at ends and helped the offense to continuously move the ball down the field. Andrew Johnson and Dean Mason owned their opponents successfully making their blocking assignments to aid in 5 different players scoring.  Besides Spinner and O'Brien's touchdowns, Connor Henigman pounded in from 2 yards out in the second quarter.  Two out of three extra points attempts were successful by Henrique Hernandez and William Cocks. Cameron Foley shined on both offensive line and defensive tackle.  Coach Willie said, "Cam certainly showed up to play today" and the rest of the coaching staff agreed.  Foley had 3 solo tackles aiding the rest of the defense in their great performance on the day. Next week 7 Red takes on East Islip on Sunday at home.

8 Year Old Red Tigers
Huntington 20, Northport 0 
The Tiger 8 Red played their last home game of the season and their best game of the season against a vaunted Huntington team that was undefeated and scoring points at will on their previous opponents. The Tigers had their work cut out for them against an oversized physical opponent. The Tigers came out with purpose on offense and were able to move the ball behind the offense line lead by Andrew Locke ( the Locke Ness Monster), Michael Evans, Julian Coscia, Michael Drew and Tommy Acosta. The blocking was superb on the opening drive and Northport drove to the Huntington 30 yard line. Alas, they were not able to cash in on a touchdown. The Tiger defense led by Joey Baker, Michael Evans, Robert Germani, Tommy Acosta, Giancarlo Valenti,  Ryan McCloskey, Julian Coscia, Ben Pipolo, Joe Ferland and Henry Barbagallo played an oversized, physical offensive front and played extremely well. The defense held Huntington to only 13 first half points capped by an excellent, tackle by Giancarlo Valenti on the Huntington running back resulting in a pop up fumble denying Huntington an extra point attempt. That hit earned Giancarlo the Big Stick award at the close of the game. The punter, Julian Coscia made two long, high and deep punts pinning Huntington down deep in their own territory requiring them to go the distance for any further scores which they were not able to accomplish. In the second half, the Tigers played a hard physical game of attrition coming within 30 yards of scoring and denying Huntington any further scoring until a late touchdown at the whistle making the final Huntington 20 and Northport 0. The boys have gotten better each week and will undoubtedly get a win in the next three weeks of the season. The Tiger Reds are away in Bayport next week.

9 Year Old Black Tigers
Northport 14, Connetquot 6
The Tigers (4-2)defense dominated the game as they beat Connectquot. The outside team of Drew Miller, Griff Goldstein, Aiden Kolbe and Tim Longo never let them outside. The interior line of Caleb Hamada, Tim Cleary, Argenny Portillo, and the LB’s Owen Johansen, Jo Jo Dechiaro and Mike Tittmann jammed up the middle. The Tigers defense has given up less than  100 yards total in the last 3 games! The offense was led by Owen Johansen’s 57 yd TD run and a 40 yd TD pass from Aiden Kolbe to Johansen. Kolbe also kicked for 2 pts. Next week the Tigers face arch rival Huntington on Saturday night.

10 Year Old Black Tigers
Northport 19 East Islip 7
QB Andrew Klis (#5) pitches the ball to RB Dan Saricino (#49)
The Tigers traveled to East Islip knowing they needed a win to keep their playoff hopes alive.  From the first possession of the game the Tigers were in it to win it.  Solid blocking by the offensive line led to a 47 yard touchdown run by Jackson Campbell.  Jacob Lubeck punched in the extra point making the score 7-0 just a few minutes into the game.  The Tiger defense took the field prepared for a balanced East Islip offensive attack.  East Islip did not disappoint as they came out running and throwing the football.  An East Islip toss 20 yards down the field was intercepted by Safety Jack Helrigel giving the Tigers a chance to put more points on the board.  The powerful Tiger run game took the field and took charge.  A 40 yard run by Dan Saracino put the Tigers at first and goal at the 8 yard line.  A tough run up the middle by Dylan McNaughton forced the ball into the endzone making
weekly hard hat winners
Jackson Campbell (#10)
and Owen McIntee (#7)
the halftime score 13-0. The Tigers came out of halftime ready to make a statement on defense.  A sack by Michael Petrucelly and a tackle for a loss by Owen McIntee left East Islip with no choice but to punt.  After taking possession the Tigers were ready to put this game away.  A few plays into the possession Campbell struck again with a 42 yard run for his second touchdown of the day making the score 19-0. The Tiger defense sealed the game with strong play by Sean McGroarty, Dan Eagers, Ryan McEnroe, Jayden Song and Nick Shorey.  Petrucelly and McIntee led the fight all day as they mixed it up and never backed down from a feisty East Islip squad.  The entire Tiger team contributed to this dominating win. Final score Northport 19 East Islip 7.  Next weekend the Tigers will travel to Peconic looking to continue their winning streak.

10 Year Old Red Tigers
Hauppauge 14, Northport 6
In the National Football League there is no such thing as a moral victory. The same does not apply to youth football. As a matter of fact it is a win if the team losses the game, but leaves everything out on the field. The Tigers took their 3-2 record on the road to play the Hauppague Eagles, who came into the game with a perfect record of 5-0. It looked like trouble early on as the Eagles featured a passing attack that the Tigers have never seen before. The Eagles scored a touchdown rather easily on their first possession and the Tigers were 7 points in arrears. On the first offensive play from scrimmage Jack Sandrib took a handoff from Thomas Butler, ran right, cut back, headed back outside and raced 65 yards for a Tiger score. The extra point attempt failed and the Tigers would remain a point down until later in the game. This game which looked to have the makings of an offensive explosion was anything but that. The Tigers D was hitting hard, and making the key play when it needed to. At the end of the half with time dwindling the Eagles were knocking on the door. The QB dropped back and threw a ball that got batted down by a diving Tyler Kuprianchick. Half over, threat over and the Tiger D stood tall. There were big hits by Michael and "Cheech" Raio. Lineman Chris Chelius, Matthew Webb and Luke Lamendola were laying some "sticks" on the Eagles as well. Without getting the big play from the offense the defense was on the field quite a bit. They were playing their hearts out but the Eagles eventually found the end zone again and added the extra point. The Tigers came out on the short end and dropped a 14-6 decision. The score shows that they lost this game. The effort and heart put into this game says otherwise. 

11 Year Old Blue Tigers
Northport 12, Riverhead 0
In an early morning matchup out in Riverhead on a very muddy field, the Tigers and Blue Waves traded punts on each of the their first two possessions. But thanks to the excellent punting of Andrew Tittmann, Northport won the battle of field position keeping Riverhead pinned deep in their own end.  Early in the second quarter cornerback Ryan McCarthy stepped in front of a Riverhead pass for his first interception of the year and took it 35 yards for the score to put Northport up 6-0 at halftime. Riverhead came out strong to start the 3rd quarter marching into Northport territory but a fantastic play by Gavin Teiner turned the tide and gave the Tigers the ball and the momentum. With a few Tigers holding up the Riverhead running back, Teiner stripped the ball and ran several yards before he was brought down. The Tiger offense  - behind solid blocking of Nicholas Cox, Christopher Dowd, Jack Fernandez, Jaden Franey, Matt Powers, Samuel Pipolo and Daniel Tiburzi - took over and moved the ball behind tough inside running from Luke Mattera.  Then on an inside handoff, Luke Rizzo took the ball and outran the Riverhead defense for a 60+ yard TD to give Northport the 12-0 lead. Riverhead fought hard to come back, mixing in a few passes with some sweeps and dives up the middle but the Tiger defense behind Jake Bulanchuk, Tobin Centamore, Nicholas DeMarco, Ryan Farrington, Tyler Florio, Devin Locker, Luke Mattera and Andrew Tittmann, came up big again to preserve their third shutout of the season. The 11 Year Old Blue Tigers improved their record to 5-0-1 and wrap up the regular season next Sunday at Lindenhurst looking to enter the playoffs on a winning note.

11 Year Old White Tigers
Patchogue/Medford 20, Northport 0
The 11 White Tigers suffered four holding penalties bringing back four long runs, two fumbles and a blocked punt near their own goal line leading to two Patchogue-Medford touchdown all in the first quarter on Sunday.  Despite the devastating start, the team fought hard only giving up one score the rest of the way.  The Tigers did have some good runs by Jason Schwartz, Sam Everitt, Tommy Fitzgerald, Aidan Hickman and Will Tyska, and completed two passes, one a long completion from Fitzgerald to Hickman, but just just couldn't punch the ball into the red zone.  As always, the Tigers showed great effort and attitude from the first play to the last whistle.

12 Year Old Black Tigers
Northport 14, Sharks 12
Northport hosted the Sharks at home this Sunday. Northport started the game with a solid drive ending in a 15 yard TD pass and catch from QB Anthony Vozza to WR Sean Jeffery. Northport completed the extra point. On the following drive the Sharks put together a touchdown drive of their own but we're stopped on the extra point. After forcing a three and out the Sharks defense blocked a Northport punt, giving them great field position with little time left in the first half. Northport's defense could not stop the Sharks offense and they pounded the ball in for another score, again being stopped on the extra point. The third quarter was all defense, score remains 12-7 in favor of the Sharks heading into the fourth quarter. Northport ate up half of the quarter on their opening drive, ending with a 30 yard TD run by RB Brian Truehart who was sidelined earlier from a big collision. Northport adds the extra point bringing the score to 14-12 Northport. With 6 minutes left the Sharks drove down the field running the clock down to 2 minutes and the ball to the Northport 5 yard line. After a few penalties on both sides the Sharks had one last 4th down play from the 2 yard line to put the ball in for the win. Northport's defense held strong led by LB Shane Finkelstein ending the game on an intense goal line stand. Northport wins 14-12. Notable stats: RB Brian Truehart 7 carries 70 yards and 1 TD. FB/LB Shane Finkelstein 13 tackles 3 for a loss, 7 carries 53 yards. QB Anthony Vozza 6/9, 50 yards and 1 TD. WR Sean Jeffery 3 receptions 32 yards 1 TD. 

Scores and Recaps 10/5/2014

5/6 Year Old Black Tigers
Huntington 63, Northport 14
Hosting the Huntington Bulldogs in true fall football weather, the Tigers opened on offense and attempted several running plays against an aggressive Huntington secondary, who stepped up to make tackle after tackle and prevent the tigers form scoring in the 1st quarter.  Quarterback John Muzyka attempted a draw for 8 yards and running backs Ethan Roman and Robert Murray tried to hit the outside but the Bulldogs quickly closed in.
The Huntington offense attacked early and scored 3 touchdowns in as many plays before the tigers could stabilize and hold the Bulldogs back.  The tigers held them for a few downs with a nice group tackle by LJ Drones and Jared Schaffer, and good outside coverage by Ethan Roman and John Muzyka but overall the Tigers did not have their heads in the game and the Bulldogs took full advantage, scoring 4 more touchdowns before the half.    
Perhaps coach Pat Finnegan said it best as he tried to motivate his troops. "We didn't show up today to play."  He urged them to refocus and do 2 key things, block and tackle.  The Tigers responded by making their blocks on offense allowing Ethan Roman and Robert Murray to advance up the middle and it didn't stop there.  Center Teagan Finnegan and her linemen Ryan Muller, Luke Raber, Max Dubinsky, Dan Acosta, LJ Drones and Dan Acosta pushed the Bulldogs out of their way so Roman and Schaffer could keep heading towards the goal line.  John Muzyka finally earned the Tigers 1st points but not without taking a big tackle by Huntington.  Again, the Bulldogs reacted and charged the line of scrimmage making some hard tackles on Ethan Roman, Jack Driscoll and even though Jared Schaffer was hit hard a few play earlier he ran right up the middle break through the Bulldogs secondary to score again.
In the last quarter the Tiger defense held the Bulldogs as best as they could.  Big tackles behind the line of scrimmage by Murray, Drones and Schaffer limited Huntington to only two touchdowns, but at the end of the 4th quarter it was the Bulldogs win.     

5/6 Year Old Red Tigers
Pat/Med 42, Northport 14

Northport 5/6 Red lost a tough game to Pat/Med dropping their record to 1-2. Northport started out on offense and moved the ball effectively. Ashton Presti and Joey Petrucelly ran behind great blocking on the offensive line lead by center Billy Henderson and lineman Jack Ferland, Luciano Kyroneris, Thomas Zarcone, Nicky Lang, Tristan Pulino and Colin Tuthill. Northport completed an impressive pass play from QB Peyton Hamada to Joey Petrucelly that went for 10 yards. Northport capped off their opening possession with a 15 yrd touchdown run by Joey Petrucelly due to the great upfront blocking of the offensive line. Start of the second qtr had Northport on defense. The Northport defense struggled early allowing 3 long running touchdowns. The Northport defense matched up well with the Pat/Med offense, but fell short on the execution of containing and tackling.  At halftime, Northport trailed 28-7. The start of the third qtr had Northport back on offense. Just as on their first offensive possession, the offensive line controlled the line of scrimmage and Northport moved the ball effectively. Northport was led by the running of Ashton Presti, Thomas Zarcone, Luciano Kyroneris, Nicky Lang, Joey Petrucelly and Peyton Hamada.  Northport capped off the quarter with an impressive 10 yrd broken play  touchdown run by Payton Hamada. Start of the fourth quarter had Northport back on defense. The Northport defense  came out ready to play. The defense put up big stops and impressive pursuit tackling by Jack Ferland and Joey Petrucelly cut down potential long-run TDs; Thomas Zarcone had an impressive QB sack; Peyton Hamada and Ashton Presti contributed with big tackles and controlling their territory, and the entire defensive line of Nicky Lang, Tristan Paulino, Luciano Kryoneris, Billy Henderson and Colin Tuthill all contributed to a solid 2H defensive play. Despite the much improved 2H play, Northport fell to a tough Pat/Med team. The boys came away feeling inspired and look forward to taking their 2H defensive momentum into next weeks game at Islip. 

8 Year Old Red Tigers
Comeswogue 18, Northport 13
The 8 Year Old Red Tigers lost a tough game Sunday to Comeswogue at Home going 0 and 4 for the season. Nevertheless, the boys played extremely well and nearly pulled out a win. On their opening drive, the Tiger offense sputtered and turned the ball over on downs. Comeswogue quickly scored to make it a 6 to 0 game. Their following possession Comeswogue fumbled the ball and turned it over. The Tigers came close to scoring, however, they turned the ball over on downs. The score was 12 to 0 at the Half. With renewed purpose on the opening drive of the second half, the Tigers scored on a 65 yard scamper by running back, Ryan McCloskey, juking and weaving between the defenders to put the Tigers on the board. Fullback, Giancarlo Valenti scored on the extra point to make the score 12 to 7. The Tiger offense led by the offensive line of Michael Drew, Michael Evans, Alex Forbes, Joe Baker, Robert Germani and Julian Coscia began to make key blocks allowing the backs to gain chunks of yardage. The Tigers were able to move the ball but just came up yards short for a game tying touchdown. Comeswogue scored on their next possession to go ahead 18 to 7. The Tigers furiously marched the ball down the field with only 4 minutes to play. They scored on a 50 yard run by quarterback, David Kessler with 2 minutes left on the clock making the score 18 to 13. The defense led by Joe Baker, Mike Evans, Giancarlo Valenti, Julian Coscia, Ryan McCloskey, Tommy Aiello, Andrew Locke, Henry Barbagallo, Joe Ferland, Tommy Acosta and David Kesler, tried valiantly to strip the ball to get the ball back before time expired, however, the clock ran out dashing the hopes of their first win of the season. For his stellar efforts on defense and some game changing tackles, Inside Linebacker, Michael Evans, was the recipient of the Big Stick award. The Tiger Red continue their season at home on Sunday October 12th against a very good Huntington team.

10 Year Old Black Tigers
Northport 14, Central Islip 6
Early on Sunday morning at Veterans Park, the Tigers secured a much needed win against the Cougars of Central Islip.  A balanced running attack led by Michael Petrucelly, Jacob Lubeck, Jack Helrigel and Dan Saracino put the Tigers up by a 6-0 score at halftime.  Helrigel was able to put the ball in the endzone for the Tiger score on a 5 yard run. The second half started with a Tiger defensive stand and a fumble recovery by Andrew Canales.  The Tigers took the ball and made a statement with a strong drive.  Saracino made a few nice runs and the ball was put in the endzone on a tough 23 yard run by Lubeck.  Helrigel put the extra point attempt through the uprights making the score 14-0 in the third quarter. The Tigers made another defensive stand with great tackling by Owen McIntee, John Locke, Nick Shorey and Dylan McNaughton.  After a turn over on downs the Tiger offense took the field looking to put the game away.  However, a fumble deep in Cougar territory halted a Tiger drive. The Cougars were able to mount a drive and score a touchdown.  The Tiger defense prevented the extra point making the score 14-6. The Tigers controlled the ball for the rest of the game and were able to run out the clock.  The Tigers drove the ball deep in Cougar territory late in the fourth quarter, but with the game in hand, Quarterback Andrew Klis took a knee ending the game with a final score of 14-6. The Tigers continue their run towards the playoffs on the road next weekend against East Islip.

10 Year Old Red Tigers
Northport 20, Islip 7
There is a statistic in NCAA Football that states when a team is plus 2 or better in the turnover department they have better than a 90% chance of winning. Today was no exception as the Bucs from Islip came to town to take on the Tigers. On the Bucs first possession of the game they coughed up the ball which Luke Lamendola recovered. The Tigers took advantage of this with a 30 yard touchdown run by Jack Sandrib. After the Tiger D forced a punt by the Bucs Sandrib struck again. This time 70 yards out for another Tiger score. The Bucs were down and needed to score. They decided to go on a 4th and long. The quarterback dropped back and looked to pass, he threw right, Tim Kirchner read the pass, picked it off, shook off two would be tacklers and raced 35 yards for the "Pick 6". Will Murphy added the extra point for a 20-0 Tiger lead. The defense wasn't done there. Nick Fuggini made another interception for the Tigers as the Bucs were driving towards the end of the half. Jason Mohlmann bursted through the big line of the Bucs and dumped the back for a 10 yard loss. With time winding down in the game and the Tigers holding a commanding lead the Bucs were looking to make the final score a bit closer. Thomas Ricciardi would have none of that. He took down the running back a yard short of the first down marker and the game was over. The Tigers won 20-7 and improved to 3-2 on the season

10 Year Old Blue Tigers
Bayport 20, Northport 8 
The Northport 10 Blue team traveled to Bayport High School to play the Phantoms on their home turf.  The boys played hard in a tough loss to the Phantoms. Entering into the second half down 13, they started the 3rd quarter off with a strong drive to get their first 6 on the board. The scoring drive was led by Aidan Murdock with 33 yards, followed by Chase Hendrickson & Roane Lembo with a combined  28 yards. Their touchdown came off a QB Sneak by Patrick Sweeney who easily followed his center (Peter Ferrara) and his 2 guards (Aidan Conway & Weston Camillone) down the middle, through a huge opening these three created. The other points were put up by Northport’s defense in the final seconds of the game.  Holding strong and driving Bayport’s Offense back, the boys were able to get a safety, with a tackle by Chase Hendrickson, to end the game on a strong note.

11 Year Old Black Tigers
Northport 18, Eastport 0
Northport improved their record to 3-2 with their second win in a row defeating Eastport 18-0. With their starting quarterback out with injury Northport’s Ryan Wagner stepped into the spot to lead the team to victory behind the spectacular upfront blocking from (left to right) Ethan Koenig, Justin Baskam, Denzel Blake, Chris Bolitho and Andrew Blom.  Fullback Andrew Argyris plowed through the defense for 2 touchdowns and Rafe Carner added another with his shifty running. Northport’s defense also came up BIG all game with their second straight shutout! Stars on the corner were Robby Kennedy and Rocco Stola while Tristan Triolo had an outstanding game at defensive end. The week previous, after Northport beat Connetquot 25-0, the coaches took the team to Dave and Busters for some chow and games.
11 Year Old Blue Tigers

Northport 25, Bellport 12
The weather cleared up in time for Northport to take on Bellport under a beautiful moonlit sky on Saturday night at Vets. The Tigers didn’t waste any time getting started scoring on their second offensive play. Luke Rizzo took the handoff and sprinted 55 yards for the touchdown that was made possible by a great downfield block from Jake Bulanchuk. Jack Fernandez outran the Bellport defense to the pylon for the extra point to put Northport up 7-0 early in the first quarter. Bellport drove down the Northport 40 yard line on their first possession but turned the ball over on downs thanks to strong defensive play from linebackers Devin Locker, Luke Mattera and Ryan McCarthy. On Northport’s next possession to start the second quarter, Nick DeMarco threw his first touchdown pass of the year when he dumped the ball to Jack Fernandez in the flat and watch him scamper 56 yards for the TD to put the Tigers up 13-0. Bellport had another long drive into Northport territory, but the Tiger defense led by the play of Tobin Centamore, Ryan Farrington, Tyler Florio and Gavin Teiner halted Bellport at the Tiger 16 yard line. On the ensuing drive, Northport went 84 yards behind solid up front blocking from Jake Bulanchuk, Nicholas Cox, Jaden Franey, Devin Locker, Samuel Pipolo and Matt Powers. This scoring drive was capped off by a beautiful play action 44 yard TD pass from Gavin Teiner to Daniel Tiburzi to put the Tigers up 19-0 at half. Bellport came out strong to start the third quarter, driving 65 yards for the score to cut Northport’s lead to 19-6. But Northport responded with their fourth long TD drive of day eating up the rest of the third quarter and a good chunk of the fourth. Luke Rizzo ran it in from 20 yards to put the Tigers up 25-6. Bellport responded with a late TD of their own to end the game at 25-12. The Tigers had a couple of players sidelined with injury entering the game and lost a few more key players throughout the match so it took a complete team effort to secure the victory. The Tigers improved their record to 4-0-1 and wrap up the last two games of the regular season on the road with two tough matchups versus Riverhead and Lindenhurst.

11 Year Old White Tigers
Half Hollow Hills 42, Northport 0 
The Tigers faced a tough test against a Half Hollow Hills team that had outscored their opponents 103-0 in their first 4 games. Despite the obvious mismatch, there were some bright spots.  Quarterback Tommy Fitzgerald led the team in rushing while completing 4 of 6 passes through the air, all to Wingback Aidan Hickman.  Also running the ball well were Sam Everitt, and Jason Schwartz.  Defensively, key plays were made by Vincent Gaddis, Parker Dietrich, and Will Tyska.  The Tigers continue to benefit also from the hard work and commitment of linemen Dylan and Aidan Foley, Max Bratchie, Rob Pisicani, Frankie Rasizzi, Dan Jacobson, Louie Fiorino, and Johnny Chapman, End Tyler Cotter, and Fullback/Linebacker Conner Higgins.

Scores and Recaps 9/28/2014

7 Year Old Black Tigers
Northport 28, Sayville 0
The 7 black Tigers used the full depth of their roster to post a 4 score shutout against Sayville. QB Preston Carey, and starting backfield Gavin Stabile, Liam Hickey, and Jace DiPalo led the Tigers through the first half. Anthony Sylvanus, Colin Maher, Luke Marino, and Luke Campbell finished out the second half. Touchdowns were scored by Sylvanus, Maher, Marino, and Campbell. The offensive line led by Jacob Raimo did a tremendous job of allowing plays to be executed comfortably. The defensive line led by Brady Cooke also did a great job including capping the last drive of the game in which Sayville went the length of the field on penalties and the Tiger defensive line successfully completed a goal line stand. The Northport 7 Year Old Black Tigers will match up against a strong Pat/Med team this weekend. 

7 Year Old Red Tigers
Northport 19, Bay Shore 6
The 7 Year Old Red Tigers notched their first victory of the year this Sunday with a complete team effort that saw the Tigers roll up 187 yards on the ground.  Nine different Tigers carried the ball, led by Tommy O'Brien (two TDs), William Cocks (one TD), Nick Spinner and Enrique Hernandez.  None of this would have been possible without the great play of the O-Line.  Led by Center John Berkery, JoJo Donofrio, Giovanni Valenti, Andrew Johnson, Joseph Zarcone and Finn Sweeney ripped open holes all day long making the victory possible. On Defense, the Tigers played fast and aggressive from start to finish, forcing two fumbles to shut down Bay Shore drives.  Connor Henigman was a force all day on the D-line, causing havoc in the Bay Shore backfield including a forced fumble AND recovery.  Strong contributions by Bryan Florio, Frank Moscati, Quinn Gallagher and Jack Strebel helped to shut down the Bay Shore attack. Playing from his D-end position, Gallagher held the line all day and on one key play helped to string out a Bay Shore sweep and cause a fumble while Strebel chased down a Bay Shore ball carrier from across the field to make a touchdown saving tackle. Congratulations to Connor Henigman for receiving the "Frying Pan" award and Frank Moscati for the "Player of the Week" award, recognizing their efforts throughout this week's practice and Sunday's game. Next week, the 7 year old Tigers take on East Islip at home.   

8 Year Old Black Tigers
Northport 20, East Southport Manor 0
Igniting the Tigers on their first offensive play of the game was a brilliant 40 yard run by tailback Quinn Reynolds.  Reynolds again struck pay dirt early in the second quarter on a  reverse which resulted in a 35 yard race to the end zone. QB Luca Elmaleh converted the extra point throwing a well-timed waggle pass to Reynolds in the back of the end zone.  The Tigers scoring in the first half was capped off when Defensive Back Tim McLam stepped in front of an intended ESM receiver and dashed to the end zone converting a 40 yard pick six interception return. On the defensive side of the ball, the Tigers once again delivered a dominating performance posting their 3rd shutout in a row. Once again the defensive line,( Jimmy Ioanidas, James Omalley, Anthony Lang, Julian Bush)and Inside Linebackers ( Sean Lyons, Nick Nicastro, Tanner Schultz) stuffed the inside running game of the Sharks.  In addition, Saftey Chris Holm did a brilliant job of protecting against the big play ability of the ESM Offense.The second half was a great demonstration of ball control offense lead by the running back tandem of  Julian Bush and Anthony Lang.  The Tigers held the ball most of the 2nd half and had 2-50 yard drives stall inside the 10 yard line.Bush showed a devastating display of power running, lower his shoulder and running over defenders.  Lang was the perfect complement to the inside power running of Bush as he ripped off 2 sweep plays for 15 & 20 yards respectively, nearly breaking each for TD’s. The Tigers are home vs. the North Shore Colts Sunday.

8 Year Old Red Tigers
Bellport 18, Northport 0
The Tiger 8 Red played a very good, well balanced and oversized Bellport squad on a blistering hot Sunday afternoon at Vets Field. Although they lost the game, they played extremely well in trying to block  and tackle boys that were considerably larger than the Northport team. On Bellport's opening drive, they scored on their second play from scrimmage. By the Half, the score was Bellport 12 and Northport 0. The Tigers continued to grind out on offense, however, fumbles and Bellport intruders into their backfield derailed Northport's attempt at scoring. The Northport QB, David Kessler, played extremely well suffering some punishing hits and coming back to try to lead Northport to victory. The defense anchored by Joe Baker on Tackle and the Linebacking Corp of Michael Evans, Julian Coscia, Giancarlo Valenti and Ryan McCloskey worked tremendously hard to make tackles and get into the Bellport backfield. The safeties, Joe Ferland, Henry Barbagallo and Tommy Aiello tried to contain and at times were successful. The biggest play of the game was from Tommy Aiello who made a great hit and tackle of the Bellport running back who was at least 40 pounds heavier than Tommy stopping a Bellport drive late in the second half. For his efforts, he won the weekly stick award. Northport remains winless, but the boys are really enjoying themselves. Northport continues its season with a Home game on Sunday, October 4th against Comeswogue.

10 year old Black
Lynvets 20, Northport 0
The Tigers traveled east to take on a formidable Lynvets Colonials squad.  The Tiger defense held up on the opening drive with steady middle linebacker play by Dan Eagers and Owen McIntee.  The Tiger offense was unable to get things going and were forced to punt.  The next Colonials drive resulted in a touchdown.  A goal line tackle by Jackson Campbell prevented the extra point try making the score 6-0 at halftime. The second half saw the Tigers hang tough against a steady dose of Colonials' runs up the middle.  Dylan McNaughton was able to recover a fumble giving the Tigers a chance to get the offense on the field.  Strong runs by Michael
Petrucelly, Jacob Lubeck and Campbell gave the Tigers hope, but they were unable to put the ball in the endzone.  Again, the Tiger defense came up with a big play when Ryan McEnroe stripped a Colonial runner from the ball creating a turnover and another chance for the Tigers.  In the end, the Colonials defense proved too strong.  After some hard fought battles in the trenches the Colonials were able to force in two additional scores in the second half making the final score 20-0.  The Tigers return home next weekend looking to rebound against Central Islip.

10 Year Old Red Tigers
Northport 25, Southampton 0
On a summer like day early on Sunday morning the Ten year old Tigers made the long journey out to Southampton to take on the Mariners. The Tigers were reeling after 2 consecutive losses against 2 very good teams, and needed to get out of the gate on a positive note. On the first series of the game the Mariners were facing a 4th down play. Coming up with a bone rattling hit and a turnover on downs was Ty Kuprianchick . On the Tigers first offensive play came a 23 yard touchdown run by Tim Kirchner. He was sprung by 2 huge blocks from Aidan Tarnowski and a pancake block from Jason Mohlmann who planted the linebacker on the ground. QB Will Murphy added the extra point and the Tigers were on their way. Another 4 and out by the Tiger D resulted in an 11yard TD reception by Aidan Campbell. Back on D Ryan Kraus recovered a fumble and the Tigers took over again. This time Jack Sandrib took it to the house on a 21 yard TD run. The scoring for the Tigers did not end there. Huge gains by Kieran Spadaro and Thomas Butler set up a 6 yard run by Michael Raio. Late in the game the Tigers were knocking on the door step again due to big runs set up from the blocking of Luke Lamendola, Thomas Ricciardi, Chris Chelius, and Matthew Webb. The Tigers ended up winning 25-0 and in the process evened their record at 2-2.

10 Year Old Blue
Lindenhurst 18, Northport 0
The Northport 10 Blue team played a tough game against a skilled Lindenhurst opponent at Venetian Shores Park on Sunday. The 10 Blue team had a tough go of it on offense.  Lindenhurst played a physical game and got into the back field on several occasions.  Patrick Sweeney was able to sustain a drive at the end of the fourth quarter, gaining 40 yards of total offense before the clock ran out.  On defense, the 10 Year Old Blue team was able to hold the Bulldogs scoreless in the second half.  Great tackles including an open field stop by Nick Bennett and Drew Bloom helped hold the Bulldogs.  The linebacker crew of Chase Hendrickson, Peter Ferrara, Robert McGinley and Vincent Macagnone stepped up to contribute to the rock solid defense in the second half.  

11 Year Old Black Tigers
Northport 25, Connetquot 0
Northport rolled to a 25-0 victory behind the spectacular upfront blocking from (left to right) Ethan
11 Black Tigers Celebrate at Dave & Busters
Koenig, Justin Baskam, Denzel Blake, Chris Bolitho and Andrew Blom. Quarterback Conner Gallagher had a superb game leading his team down the field on the opening drive while running backs Rafe Carner, Andrew Argyris and Rocco Stola all had nice runs. Carner scored the first TD for Northport and would later score another TD off a 20 yard pass play from Gallagher’s trusty right arm. Connetquot was threatening to score at the end of the first half with the ball inside Northport’s 10 yard line but the defense came up big not allowing them in their end zone to run out the first half. In the second half running back Robby Kennedy scored on a sweet 30 yard run while losing one of his cleats around the 20 yard line but continuing to cut back on the defense finally making it into the end zone. Tommy Tini also did a great job running the ball for Northport in the second half. Postgame the coaches took the team to Dave and Busters for some chow and games. There was joy in mudville all day long Sunday!!

11 Year Old Red Tigers
Harborfields 13, Northport 6
The eleven year old tigers had a tight game against Harborfields on sunday.  The first quarter was a back forth between Harborfields and the Tigers.  Safety Aidan Sawczyk knocked the running back out of bounds stopping the drive.  Some nice tackles by Michael Catrone, Joseph Evans, Jack Vitale and Ryan Kropp kept HBF off the scoreboard.  The second quarter started strong, QB Casey Fortunato had a 7 yard drive around the outside getting the Tigers their first down.  The next few plays the tigers kept pushing down field.  Key blocking by Angelo Prestipino and Thomas McDonagh opened up the line allowing RB Bruce Peden to run through, making the score 6-0.  Harborfields answered back and scored before the half ran out.   A throw by Fortunato was caught by Justice Felice who did a great job grabbing the ball while being covered by three linebackers.  Emerson Payne had a nice run juking through defenders but was taken down 2 yards short of the down.  On defense Jake Serroen and Chris Brown came out hard and fast and drove the Harborfields offense back 4 yards.  On offense, a well executed option pitch right play to Ryan Bell got the Tigers their first down.  Despite a good effort the tigers couldn’t get into the end zone.  Next week the tigers play Riverhead and will be fighting for a better outcome.

11 Year Old Blue Tigers

Northport 34, Comeswogue 12
On Sunday the 11 year old Northport blue team faced off against Comsewogue in an early morning match-up at Vets. The Tigers started off slow with a fumble on their first offensive possession and then they yielded a quick touchdown to fall behind 6-0 early in the game. However, Northport didn’t waiver and responded with 34 unanswered points with an offense that was running on all cylinders behind the leadership of quarterbacks Gavin Teiner and Nicholas DeMarco. The Northport ground attack proved to be a challenge for Comsewogue behind the great blocking up front from offensive lineman Nicholas Cox, Christopher Dowd, Jaden Franey, Samuel Pipolo, Matt Powers, Daniel Tiburzi and Andrew Tittmann. Running backs Jack Fernandez, Tyler Florio, Luke Mattera, Ryan McCarthy, Luke Rizzo and Andrew Tittmann were the beneficiaries of the enormous holes as they all picked up huge chunks of yardage whenever they touched the ball.  Four different players scored rushing TDs for the Tigers – Jack Fernandez on a 60 yard run, Luke Rizzo on runs of 10 and 50 yards, Ryan McCarthy on a 1 yard plunge after a 25 yard run down to the goal line and Andrew Tittmann on a 8 yard rumble.  Northport was also successful on four of its five extra point attempts with rushes from Fernandez twice, Florio and Rizzo. The Defensive unit gave another stellar performance.  After the initial 6 points scored by Comsewogue the defense picked themselves up and stopped Comsewogue on every position until the very end when they score the last points of the game to make it 34-12. The defensive unit was led by Tobin Centamore, Ryan Farrington, Devin Locker, Luke Materra, Andrew Tittmann, Nick Demarco and Gavin Teiner. The boys continue to improve each week and moved their record to 3-0-1. They face off next week against Bellport under the lights on Saturday, Oct 4.

11 Year Old White Tigers
Lindenhurst 25, Northport 0
The 11 White Tigers played a Lindenhurst team Sunday that significantly outsized them at every position.  Despite the mismatch, the Tigers fought hard and never gave up.  While the team had a tough time moving the ball over all, they were sparked by several long runs by Quarterback Tommy Fitzgerald.  Sam Everitt continued to punt well and had a long run of his own.   Defensively, Vincent Gaddis, Max Bratchie, Conner Higgins and Johnny Chapman had key tackles.  Last week, the 11 White Tigers lost to Commack 19-6.  Commack only a had one-touchdown lead before scoring on the last play of the game.  Halfback Jason Schwartz scored his first career touchdown on a toss around the right end in the third quarter after the second of two excellent punts by Sam Everitt pinned Commack in their end and the defense came up with a big stop.  Offensively the Tigers were led by the running of Everitt and Schwartz and Quarterback Tommy Fitzgerald who ran the ball well and completed another 2 passes to his favorite target, Wingback Aidan Hickman. Defensively, Fitzgerald dominated the left side from his Defensive End spot. On the day, he made or played a part in 15 tackles, also recording 2 sacks, one tackle for a loss, and two hits on the quarterback altering throws.  Between him and the excellent play of Linebacker Conner Higgins, Commack quickly realized they could not run the ball to that side of the field.  The Tigers go back at against Half Hollow Hills next Sunday.

12 Year Old Black Tigers
Northport 31, Commack 21
Northport's 12 year old team faced Commack Sunday morning. Getting the ball first Northport drove down the field ending on a TD pass from QB Anthony Vozza to WR Sean Jeffery. The quick start was answered immediately by Commack with a TD pass of their own. Next drive Vozza and Jeffery proved unstoppable again with a 65 yard TD pass and catch on the very first play. After forcing a turnover on downs, Northport 's FB Shane Finkelstein took the ball for a 55 yard TD run, shedding multiple would-be tacklers on his wayt. Commack came out and put together a nice drive, ending in a TD run. But Northport answered again before halftime with yet another Vozza and Jeffery TD pass and catch. Sending the game to halftime with the score 25-14. Commack drove down the field using a lot of time to start off the second half and punched the ball in for a TD. After a turnover on downs by Northport Commack got the ball back and had their drive cut short with an interception by CB/WR Sean Jeffery. Taking advantage of the turnover FB Shame Finkelstein led Northport down the field for a TD to seal the game. Northport wins 31-21. Notable stats: QB Anthony Vozza 8/15 for 180 yards and 3 TDs. WR Sean Jeffery 5 receptions for 162 yards and 3 TDs. FB Shane Finkelstein 9 rushes 139 yards and 2 TDs.

The Marvelous Tiger Cheerleaders!

Scores and Recaps 9/22/2014

5/6 Year Old Black Tigers
Huntington 35, Northport 14
The first home game began with Northport on offense.  Northport quickly gained control of the game.  In the first play running back,Ethan Roman had a great run for a 7 yard gain.  They continued to consistently move the chains with a 5 yard runs by R.J. Murray followed by by  a 5 yard gain by QB John Muzyka and a hard nose 4 yard run by Jack Driscoll.  The offensive line controlled the line of scrimmage consisting of LJ Drones, Teagan Finnegan, Daniel Acosta, Ryan Muller and Jack Murray and kept blocking the Bulldogs on their heels to allow the Tigers to gain yards!  Then thanks to key block by LJ Drones and Teagan Finnegan in the red zone John Muzyka was able to get in the end zone for the Tigers first touchdown of the day.  The Tigers continued again towards the end zone but great defense by Huntington held Northport from gaining a second touchdown in the first half.  Then Northport was on defense.  Despite the size of the Huntington offensive line the Tigers defense line was able to penetrate allowing great tackles to be made by Ethan Roman, John Musyka and LJ Drones.  However, Huntington was able to score on two great long runs.  At halftime the score was Northport 7 to Huntington 14. Northport began the second half on offense and attacked the Bulldogs immediately.  The effective blocking on the line by Luke Raber, Bryson Brunert and Jackson McDonnel helped Northport gain yards consistently towards the end zone.  Runs by John Muzyka and Ethan Roman allowed Jack Driscoll to punch in   Northport's second touchdown to tie the game.  The final quarter Northport was on defense.  Despite the Tigers best efforts they were not able to hold the Bulldogs offense down.  Tigers, John Muzyka was able to penetrate the line and made a sack for a loss of 5 yards by Huntington!  However, Huntington came right back and scored 3 more touchdowns on long yardage runs. 

7 Year Old Black Tigers
Northport 21, Central Suffolk 14
After being scored in only the 2nd play of the game, Northport answered back in exactly two more plays. Wingback Liam Hickey shot wide on a counter play and a "textbook" block downfield by Gavin Stabile paved the way for Hickey's Tiger touchdown. Big men Liam Riordan and Colin Maher opened the door on the offensive line for a long run by HB Jace DiPalo for another Tiger touchdown before half-time. This score too was behind lead blocker Gavin Stabile. In the second half Central Suffolk snuck in another score, but the Tigers answered back again. Right Defensive End Drew Schuttinger, who was in for an injured Jace Dipalo, disrupted the backfield of Central Suffolk and recovered a fumble. Schuttinger was a headache for Central Suffolk all day long. Back on offense Sylvanus filled in at halfback and ran a long one in behind Stabile for the 3rd tiger touchdown. All 3 extra point conversions for the day were good. QB Preston Carey ran two in, one on a waggle and one on a dive play. Fullback Gavin Stabile punched one up the middle. The game finished with Central Suffolk driving down-field but unable to match the Tigers 3 touchdowns before the clock ran out. The Northport 7 Year Old Black Tigers face Sayville away on Saturday night. 

7 Year Old Red Tigers
Three Village 18, Northport 6
The 7 Red Tigers hosted their first home game Saturday night at Vet's field against the Three Village Wildcats. The Tigers offense started strong with exceptional blocking up front by Dean Mason, Cameron Foley and John Berkery. The opening drive totaled 65 yards on 4 plays, capped by a Tommy O'Brien touchdown run. On the second possession of the game the Tigers marched 62 yards down the field on an impressive 12 play drive. Outstanding blocking by Enrique Hernandez, Brian Florio, Andrew Johnson and Jack Strebel allowed running back Nick Spinner to dart down to the Wildcats 1 yard line. Three Village had a momentous goal line stand which allowed the score to stay at 6-0 Tigers going into halftime. The Tigers offense was shut down in the second half on there third and final drive of the game. The Tigers Defense played hard all night, led by multiple tackles from Connor Henigman, JoJo Donofrio, Tommy O'Brien, Frank Moscati and William Cocks. Connor Henigman tormented the Wildcats from the defensive tackle position causing a fumble with a Tigers recovery and had a goal line tackle forcing a turnover on downs. Punishing hits by Joey Zarcone and Giovanni Valenti were not enough as the game slipped away late in the 4th quarter. Congratulations to Giovanni Valenti for receiving the "Frying Pan" award and Nick Spinner for the "Player of the Week" award, recognizing their efforts throughout this weeks practice and Saturday nights game. The first tailgate of the season was an overwhelming success, a special thanks to everyone involved. The Tigers will look to rebound this week hosting Bayshore on Sunday .

8 Year Old Black Tigers
Northport 14, Kings Park 0
For the second week in a row the Tigers posted a shutout.  Defensive Ends Quinn Reynolds and Will Meyer anchored a defense that allowed only 1 run of more than 10 yards.  Defensive tackles Matt Shurbert, Jimmy Ioanidis and James O’Malley consistently created penetration into the Kings Park backfield. Inside Linebacker Nick Nicastro plugged up the inside running game of the Kingsmen In bruising fashion.  Tim McLam executed a thrilling 55 yard pick 6 interception return.  Unfortunately a highly controversial block in the back call brought the ball back to the Tigers 25 where they took over possession. Despite 4 fumbles, the Tiger offense amassed over 250 yards. Halfback Will Meyer ripped off TD runs of 50 and 40 yards respectively and QB Luca Elmaleh crossed the goal line converting an extra point Attempt executing a sprint out run/pass option play. The Tigers travel to play a toughEastport South Manor Squad this Sunday

8 Year Old Red Tigers
Port Jefferson 19, Northport 13
The Tigers defense on the opening drive could not contain and gave up an opening play touchdown. After that the Tigers held and scored on a great run by quarterback, David Kessler.
Some lapses on defenses led to two more touchdowns by Port Jefferson before the half. At the half the score was 19-6 Port Jefferson. In the second half, the Northport defense got a fumble recovery from defensive end Joey Baker on a great bull rush and recovery of a missnap. It did not translate into points, however, the Tigers were playing a mean defense and did not allow any further scores by Port Jefferson. The second half was a give and take between the two teams as the heat started to make its presence known slowing both offenses and assisting the defenses. Northport scored their second touchdown of the game, on an outside run by Ryan McCloskey. Unfortunately, it was not enough before time expired. The Northport defense led by Joey Baker, Andrew Locke (the Loch Ness Monster), Julian Coscia, Henry Barbagallo, Joe Ferland, Giancarlo Valenti, Ryan McCloskey, Alex Forbes, Michael Evans, Tommy Aiello, and Ben Pipolo played well in limiting Port Jefferson in the second half. Our offense led by quarterback, David Kessler and running backs Ryan McCloskey and Giancarlo Valenti put up a valiant effort in the heat and improved immeasurably. The Line led by Michael Drew, Joey Baker, Julian Coscia, Alex Forbes, Robert Germani and Michael Drew opened up holes for our running backs to move and make first downs. Unfortunately, the clock was not the friend of Northport in their first away game of the season. The Northport Tiger 8 Red  continues their season at Vets Field on 9/28/14 at 12:10 pm against Bellport.

10 Year Old Black Tigers
Northport 18 Half Hollow Hills 2

The Tigers showed up to today's game against The Pride of Half Hollow Hills ready to play some hard nosed football.  The offensive line dominated the opening possession leading to a 22 yard touchdown run by Jack Helrigel.  The final block on this play by Andrew Klis opened up the right side of the field for the score. The Tigers defense took the field ready to make a statement.  Big hits by NIck Shorey, Michael Petrucelly and Ryan McEnroe let The Pride know they were in for a long day.  A goal line stand gave the Tiger offense a chance to increase their lead before halftime.   However, a nice tackle by a Pride lineman resulted in a safety.  Halftime score Northport 6 HHH 2. The second half saw the Tigers put it together on offense and defense.  The Pride started the half with the ball, but were turned away thanks to hard tackling by Owen McIntee and Jayden Song.  The Tigers offense took the field and mounted an impressive drive topped off by a 37 yard touchdown run by Michael Petrucelly. With momentum now clearly on the Tigers' side The Pride took the ball on offense.  Again, the Tiger defense stepped up to make a big play.  Defensive End Dylan McNaughton crashed in on a Pride running back causing a fumble recovered near mid-field by Helrigel.  The Tiger offense took the field and a few plays later McNaughton and Helrigel combined forces again with McNaughton taking a pitch to the right and throwing a 35 yard touchdown to Helrigel.   While the Tiger offense put the game away this game was won by the defense.  The Tiger defense caused five fumbles and had six tackles for losses.  The Tigers take their stout defense and powerful run game on the road next weekend looking to continue their winning ways against Lynvets.

10 Year Old Red Tigers
Three Village 27, Northport 14
The Wildcats from Three Village came in to town to take on the Tigers. Early on things were not going the Tigers way as the Wildcats built a 14-0 lead heading in to the 2nd quarter.
The Tigers had a promising drive end on a turnover by downs and the Wildcats again capitalized and built on their lead making it 20-0 towards the end of the half. This Tiger team knew that the game was slipping away and a score at the end of the half could go a long way. A methodical drive was capped by an 18 yard TD run by Tim Kirchner who also punched in the extra point, thus closing the deficit to 13 points at halftime. The Tigers "D" got what they needed, a big stop and it came from a Ryan Kraus hit who stalled the drive of the Wildcats. Time was becoming an issue in this game but it was far from over. Thomas Butler took the snap from center and the entire "O" line gave him the push he needed to find the end zone. Jack Sandrib added the extra point and the Tigers trailed by only 6 points. The Tigers had all 3 time outs left and the momentum of this game had changed in their favor. The Tigers' D was looking to give the O one last shot. After 2 small gains by the Wildcats they were facing a 3rd and long. The Wildcat back took the handoff, ran right, made a move on a Tiger Defender and raced 52 yards for a touchdown. The Tigers lost this game by a final of 27-14. Coming back and playing your hardest until the ref blows the final whistle are staples of the entire Northport Football Program, this team did not disappoint.

10 Year Old Blue Tigers
Northport 25, Sayville 13 

The Northport 10 Blue team played a rock solid game against a tough Sayville opponent for their first win at home on Sunday. Overall the 10 Blue Tigers gained 259 yards from scrimmage.  The offense scored 4 times Sunday, including 61 and 21 yard runs by Chase Hendrickson and 48 and 21 yard runs by Aidan Murdock.  QB Patrick Sweeney punched in the extra point.  Great blocking on the left side by Wing Back Roane Lembo, TE William Fitzpatrick and LG John Henderson allowed the back field to break out and keep Sayville on its heels.  The defense held Sayville scoreless in the second half and limited
them to just 139 yards of total offense.  Led by Aidan Conway, Robert McGinley, and Patrick Sweeney, all with 4 tackles, the Tigers defense made a great effort to get the ball back into the offense’s hands.  John Henderson furthered that with a key tackle in the 4th quarter on 4th down.

11 Year Old Black Tigers
Lynvets 7, Northport 6
Northport lost a closely contested game by an extra point score on Sunday. The game featured very good defense from both teams. The Northport defense had a goal line stand against Lynvets at the end of the first half. Excellent play by the Northport LB’s Andrew Argyris, Justin Baskam and Chris Bolitho along with tough play from the defensive ends Tristan Triolo and Ryan Wagner helped secure the goal line stand. Robby Kennedy had an outstanding game at cornerback for Northport making 7 tackles several of which were key as they prevented first downs and/or a TD. Lynvets finally broke the 0-0 score with a TD early in the 4th quarter. Late in the game and needing a score, Northport was able to get one from Rafe Carner on an off tackle play. Carner peeled off a 65 yard run in his customary style darting both inside and outside the Lynvets defense and then outracing them to the goaline. Unfortunately Northport could not convert and fell a point short. Overall a great game from both teams.

11 Year Old Red Tigers
Longwood 13, Northport 6
Northport tigers lost a tough battle against Longwood on Sunday.  The tigers started with the ball and drove hard but were stopped 1 yard short of the next down.  The defense tried to contain the strong Longwood offense but they got around the outside for the score.  A nice run around the outside by QB Casey Fortunato was negated by a flag on the play.  Some good tackles by Jake Serroen, Justice Felice, Aidan Sawczyk and Ryan Bell held LW off for awhile.  The Longwood offense managed to push through for another score before halftime.  The extra point was held back by Emerson Payne who pushed through sacking the QB. The Tigers didn’t give up and came back fighting in the second half. Michael Catrone held off the LW drive driving them back 2 yards. Northport had possession and was determined to get on the board.  Some solid pushing by the Northport line of Angelo Prestipino, Jack Vitale, Thomas McDonagh and Kyle Camenzuli and some key blocking by Joey Evans allowed Bruce Peden to get through and make a 40 yard run for the touchdown.  Chris Brown was hitting hard and had a nice QB sack. Fortunato found Ryan Kropp for a 9 yard throw.  Northport backs tried driving up the middle and around the outside but faced numerous injuries along the way.  The tigers kept trying right up till the end but time and injuries were not in their favor.

11 Year Old Blue Tigers
Northport 16, Huntington 0
After starting the season with a tie and a win in their first two games, the 11 year old Blue team woke up early for their week 3 away game versus the Huntington Bulldogs. The Tigers came ready to play with a swarming defense leading the way to a second consecutive shutout. The Northport defense recorded several plays for a loss led by stellar defensive efforts from Tobin Centamore, Devin Locker, Luke Mattera, Ryan McCarthy, and Andrew Tittmann. The tough Tiger defense made it difficult for Huntington to gain first downs and advance into Northport territory.  The defensive secondary blocked several passes and the defensive line prevented the Bulldogs from any big plays.  The entire Northport defense  - including Nicholas DeMarco, Gavin Teiner, Tyler Florio, Luke Rizzo, Ryan Farrington and Jake Bulanchuk - all contributed to a great defensive effort which included the second safety of the season. While the defense was taking care of business, the Northport offense was dominating the time of possession.  The offense had several drives and a few big plays. The Northport offensive line controlled the line of scrimmage allowing the Tiger running backs space to pick up big chunks of yardage.  The O-line was led by Nicholas Cox, Christopher Dowd, Jaden Franey, Samuel Pipolo, Matt Powers and Daniel Tiburzi. The offense recorded 2 touchdowns. The first was a 30 yard rumble by Luke Matera who busted several tackles and outran the Bulldogs to the endzone and the second was a 20 yard scamper around the end by Luke Rizzo. The Tigers were successful on both extra point attempts with nice runs by Jack Fernandez and Luke Rizzo. The 11 year old Blue Tigers return home to VETS next Sunday at 9:30am versus Comsewogue.

11 Year Old White Tigers
Commack 19, Northport 6
The 11 White Tigers played very well Sunday despite being heavily outsized by Commack, who only had a one-touchdown lead until the last play of the game.  Halfback Jason Schwartz scored his first career touchdown on a toss around the right end in the third quarter after the second of two excellent punts by Sam Everitt pinned Commack in their end and the defense came up with a big stop.  Offensively the Tigers were led by the running of Everitt and Schwartz and Quarterback Tommy Fitzgerald who ran the ball well and completed another 2 passes to his favorite target, Wingback Aidan Hickman.  Blocking well were Hickman, End Parker Dietrich, Tackle Dylan Foley and the anchor of the offensive line, Center Vincent Gaddis.  Defensively, Fitzgerald dominated the left side from his Defensive End spot. On the day, he made or played a part in 15 tackles, also recording 2 sacks, one tackle for a loss, and two hits on the quarterback altering throws.  Between him and the excellent play of Linebacker Conner Higgins, Commack quickly realized they could not run the ball to that side of the field.  Also playing well were Will Tyska, who came up from his safety spot to make several key tackles and lineman Dan Jacobsen, Tyler Cotter, Max Bratchie, Johnny Chapman, Rob Pisicani and Frankie Rasizzi.  The 11 White Tigers have 7 players this year who are brand new to the sport and they and the whole team are improving rapidly.  They have played three close games and look to get their first win next week at home against Lindenhurst.

12 Year Old Black Tigers
Comswogue 26, Northport 19
Northport 12 Black hosted Comeswogue in a thrilling Saturday night game under the lights. Trailing 20-0 with four minutes left in the first half, Northport drove down the field for a touchdown on the back of FB Shane Finkelstein. After missing the XP, with momentum on their side, Northports defense held strong stopping Comeswogue to send the game to half. Starting the second half with the ball, an energetic Northport team had a promising drive end with an untimely fumble. Comeswogue took advantage of the turnover and pounded the ball in to take a 26-6 lead. Northport did not throw in the towel, driving down the field on the following drive QB Anthony Vozza and WR Sean Jeffery hooked up for a 44 yard touchdown pass and catch. Rounding out the 3rd quarter with a 26-13 score. Northport came out on the next drive flying around. LB Jack Ricciardi ended Comeswogues 4th quarter thoughts of another score with a fumble forcing hit on the running back and a clutch recovery by DT Sean Terry. A fired up Northport team came out hot, with a quick drive ending in yet another Vozza/Jeffery touchdown. With just over 2 minutes left and 2 timeouts remaining, Northport forced a quick 3 and out. After a slight clock mishap by the officials Northport got the ball back with just 20 seconds remaining. Northport attempted a few deep plays having no luck, and their late game comeback was cut short ending in a 26-19 loss. Notable stats: QB Anthony Vozza 3/12 for 100 yards and 2 TDs, WR Sean Jeffery 2 receptions for 96 yards and 2 TDs, FB Shane Finkelstein 11 rushes 158 yards and 1 TD.